MIAP (Manifold-Interface Amplitude Panning)

by Zachary Seldess


MIAP is a suite of externals for MaxMSP and Pure Data that provides a new and expanded implementation of Meyer Sound’s SpaceMap(R) abstract spatialization software.

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List of externals currently available

MIAP~:  audio-rate version of manifold-interface amplitude panner
MIAP:  control-rate version of manifold-interface amplitude panner
MIAP.map:  GUI external for MIAP / MIAP~ (Max version only)
MIAP.meyer:  utility external for converting Meyer’s Matrix3 and D-Mitri project files to MIAP-native JSON map files.


The MIAP MaxMSP and Pure Data (PD) object suite is based on Meyer Sound’s SpaceMap(R) multi-channel panning feature of CueStation. SpaceMap and CueStation are trademarks of Meyer Sound Laboratories, Incorporated.

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by Zachary Seldess