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AES 137th Convention Presentation:

MIAP Presentation Part 1

0:00 – 7:25:
– Historical background of SpaceMap
– Historical and Practical significance of the “manifold-interface approach”

7:25 – 11:25:
– Discussion of SpaceMap’s “non-centric” spatial model,
– Discussion of the different elements of a map

MIAP Presentation Part 2

– Demonstrations of the approach as realized in the MIAP MaxMSP objects

MIAP Presentation Part 3

– Brief discussion of available objects and their functionality
– Next steps, and acknowledgments

Tutorial Videos:

Overview of select functionality in MIAP/MIAP~ objects

Overview of object

Overview of MIAP.meyer object

Creating a map with Meyer’s SpaceMap, converting for MIAP

Trajectory functionality in Max/MSP MIAP objects

Example Videos:

map visualization

mix 8 inputs to 1 output

mix 8 inputs to 1 output – with animated map!

binaural encoding with reverb

quad panner with decorrelation

quad panner with reverb

by Zachary Seldess