Zachary Seldess
MIAP (Manifold-Interface Amplitude Panning) - suite of externals for MaxMSP and Pure Data that provides a new and expanded implementation of Meyer Sound’s SpaceMap(R) abstract spatialization software.
Tahakum - (with Toshiro Yamada) multi-purpose audio control framework | paper video video
KVL Kinect Tracker - a depth-sensitive Kinect blob tracker/server | videos
TrichordSpace - (with Paul Riker) trichordal pitch-class space visualization and exploration tool | videos
z.sfplayer - a simple sound file player for Mac and Windows
z.transcribe - music transcription tool for Mac and Windows | videos

z.glNav - a group of openGL 3D flight simulators for Jitter - using traditional mouse/keyboard control and/or Wii remote
z.abstractions - a random collection of abstractions for MaxMSP/Jitter (some useful, some not so much - includes z.glNav)
z.jsonIO.js - store and edit JSON data (something similar to [dict] that works in Max5...)
shellAccess - an mxj object that lets you execute shell commands in a separate Java thread
writeText - a simple mxj object for writing text to file

z_3Dnavs- a group of openGL and P3D 3D navigators for Processing - using traditional mouse/keyboard control
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